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Start your own Medical Transcription at Home Business

Medical Transcription At Home! The Start-Up-System for running your own home business or landing your dream job!

What you will learn

You will learn all my secrets that will cut your typing time by at least a third and still earn you more money!

You'll learn how to charge for your work so you get the most money for your time. (Some medical transcriptionists are cheating themselves out of money and don't even know it.)

I teach you how to get paid for lines you don't type, so you can make an extra $15.00 an hour minumum, for free! (Usually much more).

You will learn the best courses to take so you can start your own medical transcription business in the shortest time possible.

You get the actual sales letter to send out to the doctors to get accounts - the one that landed me an account every time I sent it out.

You will know the best programs and books to get to help you with your work.

You'll learn about the patient privacy act and HIPAA act and how to apply it to your business.


15 INSTANT printable forms to help you with your business! All kinds of tracking forms, office information forms, subcontractor forms, mileage logs etc. Everything you need to start keeping track of your medical transcription at home business!

Bonus Links Report, full of tons of links and loads of useful information to help you with your medical transcription work. Hours of research all in one place! Plus a list of companies that hire.

You also get FREE consultations with via email after the purchase of the book! You will have Email support seven days a week and help you with any questions your have about medical transcription and starting a business. This is worth more than the price of the book!

Bonus 1

This ebook is a must-have if you want to be successful in either getting a work at home medical transcription job, or if you want to start your own medical transcription service. Every option possible has been addressed so that you can be successful in your medical transcription career!

Bonus 2

You'll love this bookkeeping guide whether you are working as a subcontractor or running your own service. It is full of lots of valuable information to help any medical transcriptionist!